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Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Postponed to October 2008

Written by IT News on 6:47 PM

According to Mozilla's original plans, the first beta of Firefox 3.1 code name Shiretoko was slated for availability at the end of August 2008, but this is no longer the case. Firefox 3.1 will only be released in October this year. The beta code freeze for the successor of Firefox 3.0 was moved from August to early September and then to the end of the following month. In this context, Mozilla will take over a month to deliver Firefox 3.1.

"As we talked a little in the development call we will move the code freeze to the Beta 1 30. This schedule adjustment will better allow us to incorporate feedback from Alpha on compelling features, which the worker threads before beta, and adjusts for some of the effects of MU on the building and free up resources, "revealed Mozilla's Vice President Sciences Mike Shaver.

After that, there is Firefox 3.1 Beta 1, code name Shiretoko will be moving to the Beta 2 release, which is currently scheduled for the end of October 2008. Until the Beta 1 drops, Mozilla has yet to release the second Alpha for the open source browser. "Alpha 2 are based will be produced by using the code from August 19, as before, and we should have a timetable for the build availability and release quite soon. (Probably around 2 September, if you made me guess. Do not make me guess.) "Shaver added.

On the other hand, Mozilla has begun to deliver Firefox 3.0.1 as an important update to Firefox and will continue to pay the 2.0 version with the release of v3.0.2. Mozilla Firefox expects and Firefox 3.0.2 to be launched simultaneously at some time in mid-September. While Firefox 3.1 Shiretoko is also built with the first Alpha builds planned for the end of this week or early next.

Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1, Firefox 3.0.1 and Firefox are available for download here.

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