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Sample of the zoom level

Written by IT News on 2:28 AM

We have all heard of medical Endoscope, the serpent-like devices that help doctors take a better look inside the human body, while keeping damage to a minimum. And certainly there are a lot of people out there who, at some point, wished they had such a product to take a closer look at some other inaccessible area.

For this reason, the people over at USB Fever has come up with USB Digital endoscope, a device versatile enough to make a thorough examination of even the darkest areas of a system .... computer system, that is.

At first glance, the device looks quite similar to its medical counterpart, with a 63 cm long stick, along with a 80 cm USB cable. At the end of the stick, you can find a small element that provides a magnification factor of about 40x, which is good for checking even the smallest parts of a computer. In the vicinity of the optical element we have LED lighting systems, which can be manually controlled by the user to adjust the intensity of the light.

The device works much like a regular webcam, to take pictures and video clips via a software program. Moreover, to ensure that the images are as clear as possible, the device also sports a manual focusing system.

USB Digital endoscope is guaranteed to work (no drivers required) with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The manufacturer does point out that the periphery can also work in Linux, but since no thorough testing on this very issue has been carried out, you will get it at your own risk.

The device from the USB Fever is not just a very low cost one, sells for around 140 U.S. dollars. But it may actually have quite a high level of success depends mostly on the many areas where it may prove to be of use, from laboratories, quality control and industrial inspection to OverClockers, crime-scene investigators and, why not, even doctors.

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