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OneNote Mobile

Written by IT News on 7:17 PM

If you have a Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC, you can use the OneNote Mobile program to take notes on your mobile device and then synchronize these notes with a section in the full version of OneNote 2007. This is useful when you want to:

  • Capture business card pictures on your phone and bring them into OneNote, where the text in the images can be searched
  • Take short text notes and voice recording reminders on your phone (for example, ideas for a project, prices, reference numbers, names, recommendations, and so on) and they will be synchronized with OneNote
  • Prepare travel information in OneNote and then transfer it to your mobile device where it will be available to you on the road


To install OneNote Mobile on your device, connect it to your computer. Then in OneNote click Tools > Options > OneNote Mobile
> Install OneNote Mobile.


Your notes on the device will be synchronized with the "OneNote Mobile Notes" notebook in OneNote 2007 whenever you connect your mobile device to your computer.







OneNote 2007 no longer supports copying from the Notes program on the device.

(This functionality was available in OneNote 2003). You can use the new OneNote Mobile program instead if you have a compatible device.


Supported devices for OneNote Mobile:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 powered smartphones
  • Windows Mobile 5 powered Pocket PCs


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