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Micron 256GB SSD

Written by IT News on 6:23 PM

According to a video posted on Micron's new blog, the company succeeded in developing a solid-state device that could reach the fastest speed ever recorded by such a product. To be more specific, the video shows a SSD that reach data transfer at 800 MB / s at the same time also be able to expand seemingly about 1 GB / s. This speed is about twice the maximum performance peak seen to date.

As the video shows the system used for demonstration includes two eight-core Intel Xeon processors and two SSDs. Moreover, two units were not connected via a standard PATA or SATA interface, which means they were not limited to the bandwidth barrier of 300 MB / s SATA II. The devices use a PCIe interface, even with flash data management enhancements, which Micron States.

According to Micron's Joe Jeddeloh, during the demonstration, the two briefly managed to beat a host of data on about 800 MB / s and 150000 - 160000 random IOPS. Jeddeloh also showed a flash PCIe cards that combined the two cards in a flash unit with 16 channels. He said that this card could reach a bandwidth of 1 GB / s and "at least 200,000 IOPS." The faster companies SSDs available today from major manufacturers can hit around 250 MB / s and approximately 30,000 IOPS. In the case of hard drives, the fastest an observer as WD's Velociraptor, this clocks at about 100 MB / s.

The PCIe SSDs concept is not new, as Fusion IO has already unveiled similar products, the most notable of them turn on 100,000 IOPS a year ago. The company has recently launched a consumer version of its PCIe card, which is said to offer data from 500 to 700 MB / s and approximately 50,000 IOPS for around $ 1000. Micron said its vehicles would be available soon, but gave no reference to a possible price tag.

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