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Panda Security has launched the 2009 software suit

Written by IT News on 6:31 AM

Panda Security Council has announced the official launch of three of their newest products in 2009 suits - Panda Antivirus Pro 2009, Panda Internet Security 2009, and Panda Global Protection in 2009. The three products are based on the same technology, Collective Intelligence, which makes it possible for experts to continuously develop new ways to detect and remove threats. The news comes from the fact that the database used to store the signature is "in the cloud", or in other words, on the Internet. This helps users to save resources and reduce the bandwidth.

"Every Panda user is a sensor for new malware, send statistical information about malware prevalence back to the clouds. This new approach reduces the bandwidth consumption on customers’ computers and provides faster and more comprehensive up-to-date protection. Innovative model not only makes detection much more malware than the manual system that some laboratories are using, but also able to detect the new threats that have not yet been recognized. Combining the collective intelligence and Panda TruPrevent technology is capable to detect the most sophisticated malware, "said the team of Panda Security.

The TruPrevent technology is based on TruPrevent 2.0 engine, which is designed to intercept and block any new threats. Since the engine has been updated, it has a major task in identifying what the real threats are and which messages are false positives, as legitimate messages that have strayed into "spam" the recipient is called.

The first of the new products, Panda Antivirus Pro 2009, protects against viruses, spyware, and identity theft and thanks to the built-in firewall against hacking attacks. Its price goes from € 39.95 (about $ 58) for a PC to € 49.95 for three computers. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, Panda Internet Security 2009 comes with parental control over children's online activities, so it is most often a product specifically designed for families.

The price varies from € 49.95 for a machine to € 69.95 for three. The last of the products, Panda Global Protection 2009, is included as a bonus a system to prevent data loss and allow the user to secure their online transactions. This product is also the most expensive in the suite, is worth € 69.95 for a computer or € 89.95 for three.

Visit to the official Panda developer, or download Panda Security now!

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