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AMD announces new virtualization solution

Written by IT News on 2:36 PM

Today, Advanced Micro has announced a new virtualization solution designed to take advantage of technology from both AMD and Microsoft. The new solution combines AMD's Opteron processors with the company's virtualization (AMD-V) technology, along with Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, in order to improve the efficiency of the server designed for large and small companies. Furthermore, to help mid-market companies achieve a faster implementation of virtualization.

"AMD has taken a leading role in the running of virtualization innovation in x86 processor, helping to meet a compelling need in the commercial market for reduced costs, increased performance and energy efficiency," said Kevin Knox, vice president of Worldwide business, AMD. "Now, through our continued partnership with Microsoft, AMD is expanding the scope of virtualization and the benefits of resource consolidation to companies who may not have made use of virtualization in the past." Mr. Knox added.

The recently announced solution makes it possible for OEMs, Vars solution to offer virtualization-server systems that can improve a company's energy consumption level, use and manageability. What is required of such a server system, AMD-V technology, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V will also make it possible for companies to scale according to their demands and needs.

"AMD and Microsoft have a history of working closely together to develop industry-leading solutions that allow customers to maximize their investment and stay ahead of the business software landscape," said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president for Microsoft Infrastructure Server Marketing. "Virtualization is here to stay, and Microsoft's portfolio of virtualization software, combined with technologies such as AMD-V will be help companies of all sizes realize their potential."

Some of the benefits of AMD's Opteron processors and virtualization technologies include improved efficiency that may allow the system to host several virtual machines, transactions and users per server. In addition, AMD's Opteron processors also include Migration, Rapid Virtualization indexing technology, and tagged Translation Look-aside buffer for rapid switching times.

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