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Atom processor inside MSI wind notebook

Written by IT News on 2:52 PM

A lot of small notebook was born just in 2008, it will drive the user to confusing to choose among them, because all of it are offering the best features.

Despite that, I just thinking about the MSI wind notebook, that was introducing in recent computex in Taiwan. It has Atomic technology inside of every Wind notebook, basic package come with Linux but is support XP and Vista as well.

Ergonomic design for keyboard, remember, when you choose a laptop dont forget to test to keyboard sense, it is feed to your hand? the Wind series has a good big size for keyboard and touch pat.

802.11 BG wireless network support, don't ever buy a laptop without supporting this technology, it was usefull and even important for these days.

Massive capacity hard drive, although you will not buying this for playing game and watching long movie duration, it's a good think to have at least 80 GB of drive capacity, and Wind already include it.

So, I don't see any bad side for the MSI wind notebook, but the price is depend I think. [source]

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