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Startup promises handy cloud storage service

Written by IT News on 5:43 AM

ParaScale, a startup based in Cupertino, California, announced the trial access to its cloud storage systems. As more and more people are aware cloud storage refers to the fact that data are no longer kept in physical terms, but on the Internet.

The company advertises the high security of its stock method, as the central control metadata servers are the only ones to have full access to nodes in the network. In other words, human disturbance within the network will be practically impossible. The operations can be done within the network without the need for mutual confirmation. The Cloud can be permanently upgraded, according to customers' needs.

"The trial will demonstrate to customers how ParaScale software can be used to patch up standard servers from different suppliers, including older servers that are ready to be closed, into own management clouds, add and remove nodes on the go," said Cameron Bahar , CTO and a founding member of ParaScale. "For the first time, end users and service providers may download the software off the web, and has a clear NAS solution ready to store data for one hour."

According to TechCrunch, beta trial of ParaScale's product will only be available for a limited number of customers, some of them plucked from the initial testers of the product in the early stages of development. The price of the cloud storage service will reach about $ 1 per gigabyte, with no additional costs for incoming and outgoing bandwidth, which in the long run make it more convenient compared to its competitors. The data can be loaded on all Linux servers and Windows servers that have been virtualized with specific products.

"Next-gen NAS [Network Attached Storage] solutions, such as coming from ParaScale will appeal to business users who want to deploy economical private cloud distribution within their own firewall and managed by its own people. Such clustered NAS technology makes it also possible for service providers to distribute public clouds, but rather to develop the technology on their own, because the interest in storage as a service takes off," said Noemi Greyzdorf, storage analyst, IDC.

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