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ASUS plans to be the first to release an X58 mobo

Written by IT News on 10:16 PM

ASUS, one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards, and creator of the famous ASUS Eee PC, has announced in an interview that it has high hopes for the release of the upcoming X58 and x58 NF200-based motherboard. According to the Taiwanese company, it will become the first manufacturer to have an X58-based mobo time for Intel's X58 official announcement.

The guys at bit-tech had the chance to interview ASUS 'manager motherboard Division Richard Liu, while participating in this year's ASUS Advanced Overclocking World Cup, held earlier this month. The interview took place via e-mail, because of Richard Liu hectic schedule. Despite this, questions from bit-tech answered, including whether the upcoming Nehalem or i7 Core processors, X58 platforms, overclocking and Express Gate, ASUS ' "instant-on" OS.

On the forthcoming Nehalem support for the motherboard, Richard Liu explained that the Taiwanese manufacturer did really well in terms of X58 and x8 NF200 motherboard activity in question. "Both are pretty good inside ASUS. And we have strong confidence that our X58 motherboard will be the 1st motherboard on time for Intel's launch. In the case of X58 NF200 board will be a little late than X58 board, but we are sure ASUS will still be the first on the market, "Richard Liu said.

Unfortunately, Liu could not place any details about the official release date for Intel's X58 platform, but he did confirm Q4 as a time for the availability of the product. Moreover, it looks like the Nehalem architecture is easy to work with, Richard Liu also argued that, in principle, no problems have arisen in the development and design of the motherboard.

In addition, ASUS plans to make its Express Gate technology that is available on the company's advanced and ordinary motherboard. Unfortunately, because of the high licensee fee, Express Gate for the post-level segment of the motherboard is still far from a universal implementation.

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