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Napster announces new MP3 offering: unrestricted access and 5 downloads for only $5 per month

Written by IT News on 3:44 AM

The known digital music provider Napster has recently presented its latest offer, which both the freedom to download the MP3 and take advantage of high quality music streaming features. The new package is only $ 5 per month and offers full-time to existing on-demand streaming music service that allows users to take five MP3 songs can be played on an MP3 player, including iPhone, iPod or music-enabled mobile phones.

This new business, Napster wants its customers to benefit from holding MP3 songs later, they could burn or transfer to their liking, but also for them to enjoy their extensive range consists of more than seven million tracks. "There is no reason for the 30-second clip to decide whether you want to buy a song," says Chris görög, CEO of Napster. "For five U.S. dollars, you can now get access to our entire catalog of music and get five MP3's to your permanent collection.”

The new provision actually allows users to download unlimited MP3 five per month, with the freedom to choose between a wide range of music genres or labels, not to mention the large collection of independent artists that everyone will be able to open. If five numbers inadequate, customers can easily purchase additional reasons for prices between 69 cents to $ 1.29. Furthermore, Napster is also the often stabbing on a track for hours on end, as they will be able to listen to a song as often as they want, without having to pay for a low or mediocre quality since Napster offers CD-quality for all items.

Moreover music supplier, more than 60 radio stations (where the music is not interrupted by advertising, so that it can be estimated at its full value), and playlists created in 1400 by experts only. The current music is not a call to your heart more, you can always use Napster to rediscover the tracks you want in high school or college.

"A decade ago, Napster a revolution in the way to discover and enjoy music," says Senior Vice President Form of entertainment for Best Buy, Julie Owen. "Mark that it started to shake up things with this new service offers music fans access to the entertainment experience they expect from Napster and Best Buy.”

At present, the recent Napster offers may be made by the American users go here.

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