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Microsoft's Windows 7 XP Mode requires Intel VT processors

Written by IT News on 9:51 AM

One of the most talked about features that will be activated in the next iteration of Windows is Windows XP-7-mode, which essentially allows PC users to run Windows XP programs in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. But according to the latest reports on the Internet, this feature is not available in all computer systems, especially on Intel-based computers that run on Intel processors. Apparently, the business function requires that the processor supports virtualization, as Intel's case, called Intel VT.

According to a recent article on ZDNet, users who want to take advantage of Windows XP in Windows 7 will be required to upgrade to an Intel processor features Intel VT technology. This feature is activated on a number of Intel chips, but a large part of the computers on the market today will not be able to use the infamous Windows XP in Windows, "said Ed Bott in a recent article on Microsoft's Report section.

There is a whole list of processors that will be the next Windows XP mode for Windows 7, a list that is supplemented with Intel processors that do not have Intel VT technology is enabled. Fortunately, most of AMD phenomena, phenomena II, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 chips in the F and G families with AMD-V technology, which essentially represents AMD support for virtualization.

According to its Intel Virtualization Technology was introduced in 2005 and can be in more than 100 million chips. "Windows XP-mode is designed for business customers. It is available in medium to larger versions of Windows 7 and the hardware is supported by many Intel processors." The chip maker said in a statement. The company continues by explaining the obvious, "VPRO technology Intel computers must have an Intel VT can be CPU and Intel VT is the BIOS. They are the best platforms for testing and deploying Microsoft Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP-state."

Besides Intel VT technology, users will also have a BIOS that can be Intel's virtualization technology, which the processor can provide them with this feature.

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