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Intel and Novell collaborate on the Moblin adoption

Written by IT News on 10:08 PM

Setting the stage for the upcoming Moorestown platform and a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices (mids), Santa Clara, California-based Intel has recently announced a partnership with Novell. The chips fresh partnership aims to approval of Moblin, a Linux-based software platform that is specifically designed for the mids. The combination of hardware and software platform is focused on providing a rich Internet experience, powered by Intel's upcoming line of power management features Atom processors.

"Novell has an important leadership role in the Moblin community since joining the effort late last year, and today's announcement will Novell level of involvement," says Doug Fisher, Vice President of Intel's Software and Services Group and Head of System Software Division. "The combination of Intel's Atom-processor-based platform and Moblin-based Novell software provides even more opportunities for OEMs and ODMs society at large to deliver excellent Moblin mobile Internet solutions.”

The partnership between the two companies is intended to promote Moblin for adoption by OEMs and ODMs that will be used in their upcoming Intel mids. As part of the agreement between the two, Novell, Novell Open Labs in Taiwan and is working with Taiwan Moblin Enabling Regulation Center (MEC), and provides support and validation for manufacturers who design the next mids.

The Moblin platform is launched by the world's largest chip manufacturer in 2007, as in-house to develop the next generation of Internet computing device. But at the end of last year, the project has been welcomed into the arms of the Linux Foundation with Intel still an important contribution. Novell joined the project in October 2008 and is responsible for key operating system features such as windows, e-mail, and media management. The signing of the partnership with Intel, Novell reaffirms its commitment to the continued development of the Moblin platform.

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