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Alhambra, by Carlos Torres: a Satellite radio in a retro shape

Written by IT News on 11:16 PM

The latest creation with the signing of Carlos Torres is the Alhambra, a magnificent part of the radio technology with a striking retro design and packaging of a mountain current technology maniac inside you. If you already are a fan of satellite radio, but longing for the unique look and great sense of retro-shaped radio, can prove that this is one of the best choices you can make it this far. The fact is that this beautiful radio is easy to match almost any home decor, if we consider a very modern or a more conservative one. The fluid and stylish design adds instant style to any setting.

Moderate - not even small - footprint ensures that you can find a place for the Alhambra in no time: this handy gadget sounds can rest on Body or a shelf, but it will also elegant at the office or as part of your multimedia rack at home.

Despite the rather minimalist approach to the management and control buttons, the Alhambra looks really easy to use, especially with the channel buttons on the bottom of the front. This means that you can access your favorite channels, shows, music, sports or news with a simple press of a button, and, of course, easily switch between your favorite online content.

Alhambra also comes with a very cool and generous display: the black background creates a rich contrast to the blue-green letters and numbers, while doing everything easy to read in total darkness and bright light also. It is a big knob on the front makes the creation and navigation easy and fun.

This satellite radio comes with two retro style speakers, the form looks like a power tower, emphasizes more the "Blast from the past" notes from around the gadget. What is even more impressive than what has so far is the built-in WiFi capabilities in Alhambra, giving you more freedom to enjoy music and satellite broadcasting in your home or office, while the greater freedom as regards the setting of the room.

No news on availability yet, but we love to see Carlos Torres' Alhambra Satellite Radio WiFi around the stores.

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