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Next Giant Leap is the mysterious team in Google's Lunar X Prize competition

Written by IT News on 3:30 AM

Google Lunar X Prize competition, which was founded last year, seems to be a great attraction for those groups who are interested in winning $20 million first prize, or at least in second place, which would give them $ 5 million in cash. There are also additional prizes available, with a value of $ 5 million. Following the recent application of the two teams on Tuesday, Europeans from Euro Luna with his mobile phone on wheels "and China-based Selene with a four-LuRoCa 1 rocket car, a mystery now revealed his identity today.

The number of teams in the league now has 16, with a mystery team to the fifth race at the moment. Now, a public statement at a press conference held at NASA's Ames Research Center lift the veil of its name and structure, and we discovered that the group's name reflects its goal. It is called the Next Giant Leap, and is composed of and supported by name shake morale of its competitors.

"Our first year was a good way to recruit the best possible team members and build strong work necessary to achieve our objectives," the entrepreneur Michael Joyce, who founded the group in November 2007, shared in a statement. "With world class team we have assembled, we are ready to take the next big leap forward to win the Google X Prize and established NGL Monday mobile services as a commercial enterprise."

One of the team members, consultants and partners are big names, such as persons from the Department of Aeronautics and ASTRONAUTICS at MIT, NGL main academic partners, including Jeff Hoffman, a shuttle astronaut five times and Professor David Miller, head of the Space Systems Laboratory.

Microsat Systems, Inc. is known for small spacecraft, innovation as the leading systems integrator. Draper Laboratory, the space navigation and control systems for the space program to support the Apollo, space shuttle and ISS will ensure a safe landing in the team unit. Aurora Flight Sciences, specializes in unmanned aircraft and manned space station hardware will also offer its expertise, while the Busek Co. Inc. will demonstrate their skills in advanced space propulsion, and mainly in the electrical system.

"We are happy to go public as we believe they will be a strong competitor with experienced players, a strong academic partners and a host of innovative, small space," says Peter H. Diamandis, X PRIZE Foundation chairman and CEO.

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