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The new Zen X-Fi PMP from Creative is finally getting official

Written by IT News on 12:01 AM

The already announced the introduction of new Zen X-Fi PMP from Creative is finally official. The new PMP will be two versions, a WiFi and other non-WiFi, with
16 and 32GB for the former, while only 8 GB of the latter. Yet it seems that the Zen X-Fi is only available for APAC region at the moment.

The screen on the new Creative is only 2.5 inches, mainly because of the WiFi model has a number of extended features to enable users to connect to MSN or Yahoo Messenger using the mobile phone-like buttons on the side of the screen. But the screen can affect the potential Zen X-Fi customers wanting to use their instant messaging features on a regular basis.

But the screen has a resolution of 320x240 pixels and can display 16.7 million colors. We can still hope that the future will give us a high quality PMP offers a wide screen.

The key features of the Zen X-Fi packages up Creative X-Fi Crystalizer technology, which is used for quality accessories for the compressed audio files and Creative X-Fi Expand option, called a "natural feeling" to the sound. Other X-Fi features like EAX and CMSS-3D does not seem to be taken into account.

The unit comes with a built-in speaker; an SD memory card slot (which is expected to be better than the SD version of the original Zen), a built-in FM radio with 32 presets, a built-in equalizer, alarm functions, USB 2.0 interface and the new central ripping sound and sync settings are applied. The battery can last 36h music and video playback 5h. The Creative Zen X-Fi weighs only 69 G and action 83x55x12.8mm (DxWxH).

Included in the shipping package, a combination of sound-insulation EP-830 premium in-ear headphones. Creative also a wide range of accessories for the product and a speaker dock and various protective cases.

32GB Zen X-Fi is already available, while the other two models are expected later this Monday; the price tag for the 32GB version with WiFi is set at about $293.

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