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Samsung announces first 32GB moviNAND Flash, developed using 30nm technology

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

Samsung announced today the shipment of its first 32GB moviNAND, the highest density embedded memory card is designed with Samsung's next generation 30nm technology. The new product will allow mobile phones and consumer electronics vendors to improve performance and capacity for its future products, which allows users to store large amounts of multimedia, including video, games and other files. After the announcement of Samsung, mobile phone manufacturers are expected to announce their updated products using the new 30nm 32GB moviNAND Samsung.

"The consumer unquenchable thirst for possession of large amounts of data now include video in a big way, which means rapidly increasing demand for higher density storage," said Jim Elliott, Vice President, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. " Samsung has taken the initiative to provide OEMs with the highest density flash storage produced with the most cost-effective technology around - 30 nanometers. "

According to Samsung, the new 32GB moviNAND succeed doubled the capacity of the previous generation of moviNAND embedded memory, taking advantage of the new 30nm production technology. Samsung earlier moviNAND embedded memory card is currently produced using 40nm technology and provides a maximum of 16 GB storage capacity.

Available in capacities of 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB, Samsung's new 30nm-based moviNAND is designed for eight-class 32GB Samsung 30nm NAND chip, a MultiMedia Card (MMC) controller and firmware. According to Samsung, the new moviNAND is using a high-speed interface which is jointly developed by JEDEC and MMCA (MultiMediaCard Association).

Demand for NAND flash used in the 32GB and 32GB more memory cards are expected to grow sharply in 2013, according to research firm iSuppli. As the figures show that around 72 percent of the total cards sent will be used in 32 GB or more memory.

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