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YouTube video helps man safely deliver his son into this world

Written by IT News on 3:57 AM

They wonder if social media never understand surprise even the most skeptical of us. In a recent example, a man has helped to deliver a baby in the world with an instructional video online, on the famous video-sharing website YouTube. A British engineer from Redruth, Cornwall, and son spent his childhood in the world on his own after learning how to do it from a simple video uploaded on YouTube. While his wife spent much time at work, an ambulance could not reach its place in time, so people had to improvise and solve the situation as best they could.

Marc Stephens, the man in question, felt the need to see some instructional videos on to his wife, Jo, began to feel that it was time for the birth. The contractions increased in number with every minute, and the engineer just sit and started to look at some videos on how to deal with such situations.

"I googled how a baby, saw a couple of videos and seen swotted up. The footage gave me peace of mind. I think I would have put up, but look at the videos made it much easier," the man told the BBC.

"I woke up and realized that I had contractions every five minutes. Marc, I wake up and we called the midwife, but they were all so busy that they could not get around our house and told us to call an ambulance. But before they got it all started, "Mrs. Stephens, who had planned a home birth all the time, although not as suddenly and abruptly broken.”

"This is our fourth child today and our first, I have most of the time my wife's head, now I am not afraid to go to the business end. I was still on the phone to the midwife and told her that" this is the says the man that he felt little emotion - other than the good kind, of course - and said that his training as a member of the Royal Navy helped him much in this respect.

According to British media, after the birth was successful and safe 5lbs 5oz Gabriel was born, a few chickens to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske only to have the doctor give both mother and son managed health.

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