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Dell's new XS11-VX8 server is powerd by VIA technology

Written by IT News on 3:28 AM

Following reports earlier this week, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell has officially announced today the launch of its new "ultra light" server, the XS11-VX8 specifically designed to meet the requirements of hyper-scale data center environments and I / O applications, including Web hosting. One of the key elements of Dell's new server is that it integrates VIA's Nano processor, as previous customers packing plant 12 servers in a 2U chassis, which in turn increases the computing power while using less data space.

"One size fits all" simply does not work on Hyper-scale computing customers. Unique architectural environments such as web hosting, making unnecessary many of the features in the system as required in mainstream IT. By working with VIA to a high density low power system, Dell is the design for this specific customer needs, costs and improve efficiency, said Forrest Norrod, Vice President and General Manager of Dell's Data Center Solutions Division.

According to the company, XS11-VX8 server, code-named Fortuna, is up to 34 percent lower TCO (total cost of Ownership) compared with white box client systems. The adoption of VIA's low-power processor, the system would consume less than 15 watts while idle and 20-29 watts at full capacity and workload, which in essence is the lowest power output in the industry. Additional features include a special plinth Management Controller (BMC), support for 64-bit operating systems and virtualization.

The launch of Dell's new XS11-VX8 is also an important step for chip maker VIA, which specializes in the development of low power, x86 processors. Dell's server VIA to add a market which is usually monopolized by Intel and AMD.

"VIA is proud to cooperate with Dell to the VIA Nano processor markets that can take full advantage of our advanced 64-bit architecture, virtualization capabilities and industry leading power efficiency," said Wenchi Chen, President and CEO, VIA Technologies, Inc. ". Via Nano-based Dell XS11-VX8 ultralight server, a new benchmark for density, strength sinks and TCO for large datacenters.

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