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Google reveals new logos

Written by IT News on 10:35 PM

Google has unveiled its new corporate identity for most of their products. The emphasis is on consistency and all the new logos are very similar, with the Google logo, followed by the product's name in blue letters. The Mountain View-based company hopes that this will be simpler and clearer for the user to identify their products. "We hope that this design and fresh appearance and improve usability on our sites."

The logos are accompanied by a change in the design, so now they all look the same and have the same size where they can be placed on the site. "As logos shown in many different locations and sizes of our websites, our designs are standardized to be the same size and color where they appear. It should be easier for you to find out which side you're on and navigate to the location where you want to go. They are also all of our international domains, which is especially useful for people moving from right to left languages as Arabic and Hebrew. “

The new style comes after Google said it would remove the beta tag on some of their services, and logos, particularly those aimed at business customers. The company takes the beta tag and more than half of its products are still in beta phase. Whereas Gmail, for example, 5 years ago and now has almost 150 million users worldwide, it seems that the beta tag is maybe a bit of a stretch.

With all the Google Chrome web browser beta is removed from only a few months after it was released, with some users believe that in view of the product in the overall quality, this step was a bit premature. The new logo is just in time for some of the products to the loss of beta status and should meet most of them in the coming weeks.

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