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Stars are also swapped on P2P sites more than obscure bands

Written by IT News on 3:42 AM

According to a new series of studies, it seems that artists, musicians and movie stars, currently working with the impressive legal battles with peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing websites, in fact, most required their popularity on these sites. Teenagers who share music and movies with each other, even if they are infringing the copyright of the large companies, in fact, make the most of the audience to participate in concerts and other shows in their town.

A study of the PRS for Music research group has found the most downloaded songs on P2P sites are the same as those given in the upper corner of the international charts. Conversely, as far as new bands go, this type of site is not directly related to success or failure of these groups, and has not been able to help them find or develop a larger audience. The P2P community has launched one of the most reliable sources to find and share music, and the new study compared to the radio in that respect.

In recent years, newspapers and radio has been a sharp drop in popularity due to the fact that most of its users have moved to the network. As a result, they go through a decline in sales, which also accelerated by the fact that the Internet creates new ways in which music is marketed and sold. An important role in this play is a very wide range of music that can be streamed live or downloaded from the network, not necessarily from P2P sites.

"A large proportion of turnover (sales or swaps) are concentrated in a small proportion of the available tracks. With regard to a number of geographical differences, in many music charts from licensed and unlicensed places are very similar," the authors of the new study said. "If a seller to sell, it can never be bought, but if the press swaps offer at least one person will take," she added, explaining that the music could turn its attention to smaller bands, with a post, rather than a few well-known acts, BBC News reports.

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