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Older promotional poster, urging moms to start their children on soda diets, before their adverse effects had been researched

Written by IT News on 3:50 AM

Potassium, calcium and minerals in people who consume large quantities of colas are falling over the years, with devastating consequences, new evidence. In a study published in the June issue of International Journal of Clinical Practice, experts from the University of Ioannina, Greece, warns that such large amounts of cola into the human body causing rapid of demineralized bone and teeth, but also as a sharp drop in potassium levels. When the last event, starting to lose muscle mass and may weaken to complete paralysis. The good news is that the effects can be reversed by stopping the cola and the administration of potassium.

"We use more soft drinks than ever, the location and number of health problems has been identified, including dental problems, demineralized bone and development of the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Evidence suggests that excessive consumption of cola may also cause hypokalaemia, which reduces blood potassium as a negative effect on muscles vital functions "UI Department of Internal Medicine expert, Dr. Moses Elisaf declared.

For their research, researhers analyzed a number of case studies where people drank two to nine liters of cola drinks each day. Two pregnant women in the hospital with a low potassium levels were also examined in their research.

"The individual role of each of these components [glucose, fructose and caffeine] in the pathophysiology of coke-induced hypokalaemia is not fixed and may vary between patients. But in most cases we have for our review, caffeine poisoning was supposed to play the principal role. This was confirmed by case studies focusing on other products with high levels of caffeine but not glucose or fructose. Despite this, caffeine-free cola products may also cause hypokalaemia because fructose content they contain can cause diarrhea, "Dr. Elisaf added.

"Although most patients recover when they stop drinking cola and potassium supplements, cola-induced chronic hypokalaemia may be more susceptible to potentially fatal complications, such as an irregular heartbeat. In addition, excessive use of some form of cola can lead to a series of health problems such as fatigue, reduced productivity and muscular symptoms vary from mild weakness to profound paralysis. We believe that further research is needed to determine how much is too much in terms of the daily consumption of cola, UI expert shared.

"Cola-drinks should be added to the physician of a checklist of drugs and substances which may cause hypokalaemia. And soft drinks industry needs to promote a safe and moderate use of its products for all age groups reduce portion sizes and listen to the growing demand for healthier drinks Ohio-based Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center expert Dr. Clifford Packer, who responded to the new study, localized.

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