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Radeon HD 4770 gets benchmarked and highly appreciated

Written by IT News on 4:26 AM

Earlier today, AMD officially announced its newest addition to the Radeon HD 4000-series arrangement, therefore, the introduction of the world's first 40nm desktop graphics card. Copying, Radeon HD 4770, the new solution is designed for computer users with a choice for an affordable graphics accelerator that can deliver results of the latest applications to run smoothly. After much anticipation, primarily because of the leaked information on the Internet before release, the Radeon HD 4770 seems to have potential for a successful Radeon card, at least according to the existing benchmarks and reviews.

Like most releases in the IT industry, the official launch of the new AMD Radeon card reviews all over the world to publish the results on benchmarks for the new product. This is the new Radeon, which seems to have managed to impress all, thanks to the level of performance and its market position. There is a general belief, according to most reviews that have just been published; the Radeon HD 4770 is a good performance / price ratio, with the chance to one of the most popular cards in its market segment.

Boys Top Hot Hardware decided that the map was nice in view of the low power consumption, support for DirectX 10.1, smaller PCBs, quiet cooler and competitive pricing. Toms Hardware AMD welcomes the release, and said, "at $ 99 is Radeon HD 4770 is a winner." Legion Hardware is also impressed with the new card, which apparently exceeded their expectations. PC Perspective also recommends it for its performance for the price package. Scholars of the Guru 3D applaud card overclocking potential, the Radeon HD4770 a possible solution for a high-performance tool, when used in a CrossFireX system.

There is a downside to the introduction of AMD's first 40nm desktop GPU which, paradoxically, in pricing. Although AMD has announced the card for U.S. $ 99, current street prices of U.S. $ 109, depending on the listing on Newegg. But after a mail in rebate, the price drops to the specified value, but it is quite uncomfortable for some users. But the general feeling of the map is that AMD has been the introduction of a successful product for its price.

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