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NVIDIA adds new APEX technology to PhysX

Written by IT News on 10:53 PM

NVIDIAFor the last month, Santa Clara, California, based on NVIDIA has actively promoted its PhysX technology as a necessary tool to improve the visual quality and overall performance of your PC gaming applications. In this note, the graphics chip maker announced today that there is a new product, called NVIDIA APEX, as a new feature included in the company's technology PhysX SDK. According to NVIDIA, new opportunities to offer artists, level designers and game developers access to a set of tools to streamline the process of implementing scalable across multiple physical platforms.

"Physics has become an important part of the game experience and NVIDIA is committed to enabling as many developers as possible to provide the most realistic game experience," said Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of content and technology NVIDIA. "With the growing importance of physics, we believe that all games and all developers should have the best tools to be creative in this realm. With NVIDIA PhysX technology and APEX, physics-based game design just moved from programmer to the artist that we believe will lead to a new level of real interest and realistic game in the future. "

As some of you may recall, NVIDIA has recently worked with a number of major companies such as Sony and Nintendo, for the licensing NVIDIA PhysX for their game consoles, namely the Wii and PlayStation 3. With the recent announcement from the chip maker to take its PhysX technology to the next level by introducing a new module that allows game developers to easily enhance the visual quality of their gaming applications with the addition of physics.

Physics and the importance of physics has developed rapidly in recent months, as more and more developers are implementing this strategy in their latest versions. Physics is to bring the game within a narrower application to real life.

According to NVIDIA, the participants in the GDC will be invited to view a demo of the new capabilities that NVIDIA PhysX booth, where you have to participate in the APEX: the fastest way to High Definition Content Dynamics presentation.

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