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Windows best video graphic is NVIDIA GeForce 181.71

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

NVIDIA has made available for download a new series of graphics cards to make the GeForce good game with the latest milestone in official development of the next iteration of Windows clients. The new GeForce graphics cards adjusted to Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 went live March 2, 2009, and now hanging in the air. NVIDIA has stated that it is necessary to provide graphics for Windows 7 at this early stage because of the large number of customers who have installed GeForce Beta Build 7000 release of the operating system.

"Since its launch last month, the beta version of Windows 7 has been tested with the enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of NVIDIA GeForce owners who are excited about many improvements in graphics, Microsoft has added the next operating system," said Ujesh Desai, Vice President of Business Desktop GeForce NVIDIA.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta made available as public download January 10, 2009. The bit until February 12, the Redmond company applauded for over a couple of million downloads. NVIDIA has stated that even if Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 was suspended last month, the 181.71 version of its drivers was only the first step in its commitment to support Windows 7. GeForce owners can expect regular updates NVIDIA drivers to the successor to Windows Vista are on the way forward.

"We expect that all our hard work in collaboration with Microsoft over the past two years will pay for GeForce owners when Windows 7 is launched officially," said Dwight Diercks, Vice President of Software Engineering at NVIDIA. "Our customers require an experience which is faster and more visually, and with the addition of several new GPU accelerated, including DirectX calculation; we think Windows 7 will be well positioned to meet those needs.”

Graphic version GeForce 181.71 drivers come to the table with support for the new Windows 7 Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.1. Graphics card manufacturer promises at least improved performance and reliability of 2D, 3D and Windows Aero through GeForce graphics version 181.71 in combination with WDDM driver v1.1.

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