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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Written by IT News on 11:35 PM

It seems that speaker is not the problem is not just a question of is the Nokia 5800 mobile phones. According to the latest news on the Web, the North American version of the device also has a few bugs related to its 3G capability.

How many of you may already know, the device has been marketed for a few days ago, but reports that sales of Nokia 5800 NAM has been interrupted due to problems with the 3G signal reception.

There have been several complaints about the problem of the device and the phone maker withdrawn from the shelves. The portable computer is no longer available at Nokia flagship stores projects in the U.S., while the parties may have stopped selling as well. For now, it seems that the company did not understand where the problem lies, and that still work, fixing it.

There were too many NAM Nokia 5800 sold to customers, given the fact that the phone was only 7 hours after it was up for sale. Currently no official word on the problem came from the Finnish mobile phone maker, but is expected to make a statement in the near future. Those who pre-ordered the device will have to wait a while "before you get if you have not sent them already.

This is the second problem with the Nokia 5800 as the basis for the Web in less than a week. Just a couple of days ago, we learned that you also have problems with their speakers, which are more prone to break after a few months of use, and that all products manufactured before the month of February has come to market with this problem. The company has already announced that the faulty speaker was replaced with a good compromise.

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