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AMD FirePro V7750 is designed for mainstream performance

Written by IT News on 1:41 AM

AMDSunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices has recently announced a new graphics card, part of the company's range of professional Graphics, ATI FirePro. Designed for high-end market, the new ATI FirePro V7750 is now available for professionals in fields such as engineering, digital content and other scientific areas. According to the company, its latest bid FirePro has been designed to meet the requirements of these users, all for an MSRP of $899.

"With the introduction of the ATI FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator, AMD's ATI Professional Graphics Group is well positioned to increase its presence in high-end market, as a complement to our strong showing in the post-and mid-range," says Janet Matsuda, Senior Director, Professional Graphics of AMD. "Professional creators appreciate the ATI FirePro V7750 outstanding performance, 1 GB frame buffer memory and 30-bit display pipeline - under all the options available to a thousand dollars."

The new FirePro V7750 was characterized by a total of 320 unified Shader units and is equipped with 1 GB of memory, ready to give the user a memory bandwidth 28.8GB / s. Other features include support for Microsoft DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.0 and Shader Model 4.1 Full. The paper has a single slot cooling solution and offers a dual-DVI and two Display ports. With the support of a maximum resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, the card is rated as an ideal choice for large professional looking for a good price / performance.

"Create stunning graphics for the film is a big challenge - to see perfectly, but time is always the most important," says Jabbar Raisani, visual effects experts, damper Studios. "The ATI FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator helps me to achieve effects impeccable quickly, hurry in doing so I can concentrate on creating content rather than to wait for it. I need stable and robust performance graphics hardware to work in fast and ATI FirePro V7750 is the perfect solution. “

The graphics chip maker has announced that the new FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator is available with an MSRP of $899. The document will be available from OEMs, system integrators and channel partners worldwide.

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