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New GeForce, Radeon graphics cards due for release on April 9th

Written by IT News on 12:36 AM

Radeon HD 4890Both NVIDIA and AMD are expected to update their knowledge graphics cards with the introduction of new products, like the RV790-based Radeon HD 4890 and GT200b GTX295, respectively. According to the recent news, the cards could make a debut on the same day, let say April 9th.

Moreover, both cards appear to be targeting the same segment of the price, which should make for a tough fight for the spring of interest for two graphics card makers.

According to available data, the next graphics card Radeon HD 4890, will be based on 55nm RV790 graphics processing units, which for a long time, was said to be a factory set overclocked version of AMD RV770 graphics now available units, which has a factory-set the clock speed of 850Mhz and 800 stream processors. When issued the card comes with 1 GB of memory GDDR5 256-bit memory interface and a memory frequency of 975Mhz, which makes it possible to give a yield increase of 6% during the high-end RV770 cards.

The GeForce GTX 275, based on the 55nm GPU GT200b, boasts 240 Shader processors, 898MB of GDDR3 memory with 448-bit memory interface. When issued, the card will have a core speed of 633MHz, the Shaders 1404Mhz and 1161MHz on the memory. But the speed of the memory may be different when the card will be issued. Performance wise the card is said to be a little "better than current NVIDIA GTX 260 graphics solutions, which is placed between the GTX 280 and the tab above.

Price wise the new Radeon HD 4890 will be available at an estimated price of U.S. $ 249, while NVIDIA will be between the prices of U.S. $ 229 and U.S. $ 279. It should put the cards and as competitors in the same price.

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