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ASUS GeForce GTX 260 Matrix series card

Written by IT News on 1:47 AM

Almost all graphics cards on the market maker has a clear line of mainstream graphics cards and other advanced of these products, intended for enthusiasts. Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS is no stranger to the concept and gives its users a wide range of graphics cards based on one or a NVIDIA or ATI graphics processing units. One of the latest products in the company comes in the form of a new GeForce GTX 260, the Matrix series.

As a supporter of ASUS already know, the Matrix line of graphics cards deals niche market for enthusiasts by providing advanced users, with models that are represented with their own cooling solutions meant to increase performance and better overclocking. The new GeForce GTX 260 is no exception to the rule, and comes with the clock speed of a reference GeForce GTX 260, but with a dual-slot, dual fan Cooler Hybrid +. According to ASUS have two fans in the working solution at different speeds, with the degree of the temperature of the GPU.

The paper used when the levels of 576MHz, 1242MHz and 1998MHz for the GPU, Shader and memory, but thanks to the integration of the cooling fan dual solution, the fans can easily take these speeds much higher, and thus increase performance. The card can be a clock speed of 700MHz, 1500MHz and 2300MHz for the GPU, the 216 and Shader 896MB of GDDR3 memory. This would significantly increase the performance level of the paper.

ASUS has not provided information on the price of paper, but the new GeForce GTX 260 Matrix series should be available in stores in the near future. Currently the GeForce GTX 260 cards from other suppliers to sell between $200 and $260, depending on configuration and cooling solution. A water-cooled GTX 260 yesterday for about $430.

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