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AMD's RV740 and RV790 have been confirmed by the latest GPU-Z release

Written by IT News on 9:26 PM

RV740 and RV790
In recent weeks there has been a series of leaked information about the next video card from the two main leaders of the GPU, NVIDIA and AMD. But so far has been no official confirmation of any of these cards, but that is not the case anymore. The latest version of GPU-Z utility developed by TecPowerUp Both the Radeon HD 4890 and GeForce GTX 275 will be released shortly, probably in early April. In addition, the new version also offers support for two additional Radeon graphics
card, the RV740-based Radeon HD 4750 and HD 4770.

Both the Radeon HD 4890 and GeForce GTX 275 are designed in a 55nm graphics processing units. These cards are designed to compete against each other in the U.S. $ 230 U.S. $ 260 price segment. AMD cards are expected to have 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, a clock at 3800MHz, a GPU core speed of 850MHz and 965 one million transistors. On the other hand, should have the following NVIDIA GPU, Shader and memory frequencies of 648MHz, 1476MHz and 1107MHz, and will be marked with 896MB memory, and GTX 260 card.

What is perhaps even more interesting about the latest GPU-Z 0.3.3 release is that it provides support for the relatively uncertain RV740-based Radeon HD 4750 and HD 4770 graphics card. According to early rumors, these products must be certified by a 40nm GPU, the first to boast the next generation of manufacturing technology. Both of these cards would make its debut in late April or early May, which gives users a solution to integrate the functions of a real GPU power.

Both Santa Clara, California and Sunnyvale, California, graphics chip makers are required to update its family of GPUs in early April. AMD is said to be planning for the official launch of its Radeon HD 4890, April 2, but there is no word on the arrival of the two other cards based on RV740.
RV740 and RV790

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