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White Nokia E71 offered by Ohio carrier for free

Written by IT News on 2:33 AM

We reported yesterday that Rogers Wireless has plans to add the white Nokia E71 for its offer in the near future, and the carrier was considered to be the first in the North American continent to offer the white variant of the laptop. Yet it seems that we were all wrong, because the device is already the continent, but only on the surface of a relatively small Ohio.

The first white Nokia E71 in the North American continent can now be purchased by the carrier Ohio Cincinnati Bell, and that's not all. The operator of a mobile phone is free to sign a contract for two years, a contract for their services.

What really comes as a surprise to many people, but can only make the Nokia fans happy, especially when Cincinnati Bell offers coverage. And we must accept that things could not be better, especially when the price of the product.

On the other hand, those who seek to have its own Nokia E71 white, but who do not want to be tied to a particular carrier may also find the phone unlocked at The price of the device is unlocked $ 369.99 plus postage, so you ultimately have to pay € 377.42 for the laptop when it comes to you.

The Nokia E71 in white dress has to offer in terms of capacity and features a full QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2-megapixel snapper photos with LED flash, a QVGA screen, GPS navigation capabilities, Wi-Fi and 3G data connection to Bluetooth. The specification list does not end here, and all the nice features are packaged in a slim, elegant design, in order to attract attention even more.

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