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Radeon HD 4890 stripped down of its cooling solution

Written by IT News on 9:31 PM

Sunnyvale, California-based AMD is expected to be new high-end graphics cards, Radeon HD 4890 to be synchronized with the new RV790 Graphics Processing Unit. The card has recently published on the Internet through a number of occasions and will give us some details about its technical specifications, performance and even a brief glance at its exterior. In one of the most recent leaks, the card will reduce its cooling solution, and viewed in its simplest form.

Scholars of the Daily Tech earnings to a Radeon HD 4890 graphics card from a source in Taiwan, whose name was for obvious reasons not disclosed. The technical specifications of the model are in line with what you've read before. On the basis of the new Radeon graphics card, AMD has the new RV790 Graphics Processing Unit, which is the clock of 850MHz. In addition, 1GB of Qimonda GDDR5 memory chips for higher performance. Memory clock at 3900MHz and a bandwidth of 124.8 GB / s.

There is some speculation about a possible release date for the new card, but it is a good chance that AMD will unveil its new high-performance single-GPU card sometime in early April. According to Daily Tech, there is still some debate about the price of the product, not significantly higher than the current RV770-based Radeon HD 4870th

In addition to the new card, AMD is also expected to present a new set of Catalyst drivers, the effect of increasing performance and to validate some of these early benchmarks of the new model. Currently, Radeon HD 4890 is rumored that a production similar to the GTX 280 and close to GTX 285, but it is not yet confirmed if new drivers are available. More information on the card will be launched next week, probably at GDC 2009 in San Francisco, California, USA.

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