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New Intel Atom processors to be launched next month

Written by IT News on 7:50 PM

Santa Clara, California-based Intel task planning to expand its range of Netbook atom is Z5xx series processors, with the introduction of two new models, Z515 and Z550. Of the two, then a speed of 2.0 GHz Core, making the upcoming Atom processor is the fastest processor in her family. The new processor should further improve the performance of some of the upcoming low-power portable computers based on Intel Atom platform.

Reports on these new processors have been after since the end of last year, but it seems that now HKEPC confirmation from sources within the industry. According to the information contained in a recent news article, the upcoming Atom Z550 processor, a core temperature of 2 GHz. Other specifications of the processor is an L2 cache of 512 KB and a FSB of 533 MHz, while the TDP level will remain at 2.4W as well as the current model Z540, the clock frequency of 1.86Ghz.

In terms of performance and features of the Z515 will be something between the Z500 and Z520. According to the above website, the chip will be a default speed of 800MHz core with a TDP of 0.65W. But thanks to the implementation of Intel's new Bust Performance Technology, the chip will be able to accelerate its core 1.2GHz, thus making TDP of 1.4W.

Apparently, these two processors will be available sometime next month, that is, when chipzilla is also said that plans to release new Core 2 models. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing, a detail which is available at the launch of the CPU. But 2.0 GHz Z550 prices are likely to be close to the Z540, as Netbook maker with a higher performance alternative to the current nuclear power flagship.

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