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Nokia N97: Not all supported Skype

Written by IT News on 2:50 AM

Nokia N97Earlier this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Skype and Nokia announced that the popular software would be embedded in mobile phone maker's products, starting with the N97 phone, which is expected to reach the market sometime in June.

Unfortunately it seems that the store has seen some resistance from wireless operators and the planned integration cannot go as smoothly as expected. O2 and Orange have been reported this week to be quite "furious" about Nokia's decision to integrate the software into its new high-end N97 smartphone.

According to the news, operators may refuse to put the company's products incorporate software that enables users to make free calls over the Internet while using a data connection. At the same time, they can only agree with the give-phones that do not include Skype, the Mobile Today website says. On the other hand, some of the carriers seem to agree with that. T-Mobile is one of those players, and 3, a British one, which already has been added to its layout, which includes Skype phones.

The deal between Nokia and Skype are offering software built into the N97 address book, which would make it possible for users to see when Skype contacts are online. At the same time, they will be able to employ the popular IM client. The software is also required to offer them the opportunity to make free and cheap phone calls over the Internet, regardless of whether they use a 3G mobile network or a Wi-Fi one.

Some of the mobile operators such as O2 and Orange, seem to think that Skype would actually reduce voice traffic and weaken their relations with customers. Nokia has not commented on news that the carriers have complained about software, but a spokesman for the company has explained that the Skype feature is not able to present some of the N97 mobile phones.

"At Mobile World Congress, we announced that Skype would be available on a limited number of N-series devices, starting with the N97, spokesman has shared." But it's possible it will not be on each N97."

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