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Claimed Mac mini box shot

Written by IT News on 2:59 AM

Losses in the new Mac model numbers seem to confirm an old discovery of six new Apple products in the retailers' pipelines Apple Insider reports. OneMoreThing Dutch site has given it looks like a Mac mini Box Shot (image left), while the French site MacBidouille loans through the issuance of new Apple iMac and Mac mini as soon as today. Both desktop computers are to feature a model based on the NVIDIA design.

Model leaked in six numbers, from four SKU MB417 to MB420 is probably new iMac. Only one model would be a 20-inch screen, while the rest of the all-in-one system is 24-inch screen. The other two are Mac, of course, the mini. Model number MB463 and MB464 representing low-and high-end, as updated versions of the computer. The source of losses, the release pin Tuesday March 3 (today). They are said the ship almost immediately.

The Dutch site claims that it has some rough overview of the systems specifications, Apple Insider reports. In particular, the iMac would come with 2.66, 2.93GHz and 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of DDR3 memory for basic model and 4 GB for the rest. The new iMac also supports up to 8GB RAM, with a Mini Display Port connector located on the front of the port.

On the mini, compact desktop systems, Apple has already said that five USB ports, FireWire 800 and Mini Display Port, and begins with a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo with 1GB and 2GB memory, and a minimum storage of 120GB (320GB for the more expensive model).

Based model number listed as follows:

MB417: "Entry-Level 20-inch 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
MB418: "Mid-range 24-inch 2.66GHz or 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
MB419: "High-end 24-inch 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
MB420: "Very high-end 24-inch 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM.

Mac mini
MB463: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive
MB464: Unknown Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM.
Finally, Apple Insider points out that although we are still faced with a page, the data are compatible with Apple involuntary loss of their own.

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