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Motorola KRE8 for music mania

Written by IT News on 3:39 AM

One of the most interesting mobile concepts we have recently encountered is the new Motorola KRE8, a product developed specifically for music lovers. According to its creator, Jose Tomas DeLuna new KRE8 will be able to do what its name implies: allows users to create their own music.

The most interesting feature of the Motorola KRE8 concept is that it can be divided into two parts, each of them to come with a built-in accelerometer that can detect the gestures you make, so that users can create their music. In addition, the device also has three pre-installed modes: Mode Instrument Recording mode and mixing mode.

Motorola KRE8 also has a touch screen display, and with 3G, GPS and a wide range of musical elements. Users can activate the feature by including a touch-screen laptop, which also provides control over it. The accelerometers allow for each piece of equipment that is used to simulate the different instruments.

In addition to enabling users to create their own music, Motorola KRE8 also feature wireless so that the contents could be shared with others on a wireless network. Users can send files to other MIDI devices or broadcast so others can enjoy them. In addition, the phone also offers the opportunity to GPS tagging file.

It is unclear whether the proposal will actually become a reality in the near future, but we do not agree that it sounds like a bad idea, even if there is anything "strange. But we have seen other strange concept as before, so this is not a single event. In addition, the device does not seem too bad, so it can attract a broad spectrum of users, after all.

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