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DirectX 10 for mac and Linux

Written by IT News on 4:05 AM

DirectX 10 will continue to bypass Windows XP, which has been stuck at the level of DirectX 9, but more than two years after its introduction with the advent of Windows Vista, the technology is beginning to make the Linux and Mac OS X. But that is not enough. Instead, Jeremy White, founder and CEO of Code Weavers has been shown to support DirectX 10 would come to society Crossover moved forward in 2009. Code Weavers needs and develops solutions designed to make Linux and Mac OS X users to run games for Windows and Office system.

"We have just sent a bunch of these" under the hood "improvements for the game in Crossover Games 7.2. We are really pressing Direct X 9 support fairly broad, and always ready to move on Direct X 10," said White. "In the coming months we will be shipping 8.0 Crossover Linux and Crossover Mac 8.0. This review of our product can provide support for IE7 and modern versions of QuickBooks, Quicken 2009 (in a good speed), Photoshop CS3, and many others improvements, particularly around Microsoft Office and Outlook in particular."

Microsoft DirectX 10 is supplied as part of Windows Vista. Until that time, DirectX 10 is Vista-exclusive, with the software giant refused to back port it to Windows XP. In the next release of Windows, Windows 7, leading to table the development of DirectX, which is the 11th commitment of the company in Redmond, is that DirectX 11 will be offered not only for Windows 7, but also for Windows Vista. But Windows XP continues to be outside the DirectX development equation.

"After the ship version 8, and continue to make games and cool, we should turn our attention to our next major revision. In addition to our normal work to broaden and deepen our request for support for the wine, we are going to try to improve GUI Crossover itself. First Linux version to get a new look. But both versions are included to get an interface that we hope will provide power compatibility middle right of the installation. The basic idea is to facilitate the collection of distilled wisdom on the unsupported and make it much easier to use. I hope we will have access to before the end of the year," White added.

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