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Toshiba announces the Qosmio G60 with SpursEngine and Blu-ray

Written by IT News on 2:27 AM

Toshiba announces the Qosmio G60 with SpursEngine and Blu-ray
The portable PC market is growing rapidly, with all new platforms have recently developed and has enabled the system vendors to develop new design and end-users a new level of adaptation and new features. This note shows that Toshiba has not been updated in a line of portable computer systems, the company recently updated the Qosmio G60 laptop, a 18.4-inch mix of pride and a cell-based SpursEngine high-definition video co-processor a Blu-ray optical drive.

Toshiba's new Qosmio G60 laptop (also known as the MX Dynabook in the Asian market) is pleased to offer customers a choice for a high-performance processor, the integration of Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 processor with a core speed of 2.53. Otherwise, the device also packs 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive, pretty much what you would expect from a potential desktop computer. There is also an ATI Radeon 230M GT graphics processing unit, two TV tuners and a 18.4-inch full HD 1080p panel.

Pretty impressive specifications for a laptop that would clearly be your portable multimedia systems. However, Toshiba went all in on this, choosing to take a cell-based SpursEngine high-definition video co-processor, which is useful when trying to HD movies will be available via the machine's built-in Blu-ray optical discs simultaneously. As you may know, Toshiba has chosen to switch to more attractive Windows 7 operating system, which is expected out on October 22, when the Qosmio G60 is expected to begin in Japan.

Unfortunately there is no information on whether the laptop will be launched in areas outside the country, or what the price will be. But users in Japan will be able to get a next month for around U.S. $ 2457th

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