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Acer aims to surpass HP in the notebook market

Written by IT News on 8:40 AM

Acer, one half of the world's largest manufacturer of portable computer systems, has a bright future as it aims to ship more than 40 million laptops next year, making the company an opportunity to the current market leader, Hewlett-Packard surpass. Dispatching objective is largely to impressive performance of the company this year, so Acer beating number two spot in the market, above the Round Rock, Texas-based Dell.

According to a recent news article on DigiTimes referring to the Acer chairman JT because the seller wants a notebook shipment target of 40 million units in 2010, thus becoming the largest supplier in the world. To achieve this, the company will face stiff competition from HP, now in first place, and is also expected to move more than 40 million laptops next year. DigiTimes also reports that the two market leaders are likely to divide between them and the number three in the world, broaden Dell.

Acer plans include a significant increase in notebook shipments in the segment, one of the most successful product lines the company. In addition, Wang pointed out that Acer's strategy differs from its competitors by its focus on small to medium enterprises and consumer markets, while HP and Dell has led efforts in the corporate market. Whether this strategy will enable Acer to further increase its market presence has not been established.

Earlier this year, Acer announced that it expects its notebook shipments in 2010 to reach between 33 million and 37 million units. But thanks to a good outcome in the second half of the year, the company adjusted its forecast with confidence at 40 million units. This is pretty impressive considering that in 2007, Acer recorded shipments of 15.4 million, which succeeded in its annual results in just two years to double.

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  2. By cheap computers on December 11, 2009 at 1:01 AM

    PC manufacturers Dell, Lenova and HP will introduce a new generation of quick start computers.

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