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Opera 10.10 free download

Written by IT News on 2:17 AM

For more than a month since the release of version 10.0 in a tangle of its own Web browser, Opera Software offers the Beta Build the next iteration of the Opera, moved to v10.10. Promising that users never have to experience the Web the way they 10.10 Beta Opera, the Norway-based browser Maker has shown that the beta version integrates build of Opera Unite. Designed for the now traditional client-server model computers in the network in order to redefine opera Unite is a technology that is part of Opera 10.10 convert client computers to servers, to enable the sharing of content management and serving of scenarios direct additional clients over the Internet.

It is important to note that Opera Software Opera Unite has positioned not only acts as an extension of the Opera browser, but also as a platform. In this connection, the browser maker inviting developers to start building applications that integrate with Opera and Opera Unite 10.10. According to Opera Software, developers believe they need the same skills and knowledge of coding web pages, and they can use the same tools, including Web standards like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

"We invite developers worldwide to use their creativity and imagination to the limits of what is possible with Opera Unite push," says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera. "We are closer to our goal to reinvent the web and are eager to see the Opera Unite continue to develop powerful and persuasive manner." Unite opera was originally unveiled in mid-June 2009, at Opera Software launched a new way to reinvent the web.

By default, Opera with Opera Unite 10.10 Bet Bet leads to the table a variety of programs that serve as examples for developers in the new platform makes it possible for them to do. "Opera Opera 10.10 beta includes the following programs Unite for you to try: Photo Sharing - Create Instant Web Photo Galleries from the computer. Messenger - chat live with friends in my Opera. Sharing - Share a file from your computer without uploading. Webserver - Turn your Opera browser in an instant web server where your site directly from your computer. Media Player - Stream your entire music catalog at any time, directly, via a Web browser. Kyl - Post a virtual Refrigerator your friends, "said von Tetzchner added.

To download Opera 10.10 go here

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