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AMD collaborates with Cyberlink on optimizing applications for DirectX 11 hardware

Written by IT News on 9:19 PM

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and CyberLink Corp. today jointly announced their partnership to include a focus on Microsoft's DirectX 11 technology and Direct Calculating advantage of the features of AMD's latest DirectX 11-compatible graphics architecture to include. CyberLink and AMD will collaborate to accelerate some of the features found in Cyberlink applications, including video transcoding, facial recognition and auto-tagging, video editing and processing using ATI Stream technology, and 7 new Windows Compute Direct API.

"CyberLink applications are known for their intuitive experiences and optimized performance," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "Go Compute our techniques can significantly increase the slope of the GPU accelerated development of our software. Mandatory PC platforms from ATI with AMD Stream technology and support for DirectX 11 is CyberLink's leading the industry by speeding up the photo and video software performance Direct Compute."

As you may already have discovered, is AMD ATI's Stream technology, the chip manufacturer's tools to help developers to step up their program with the performance of multicore processors and GPUs available in the computer. With the latest line of AMD's Radeon HD 5800-series graphics cards are the only hardware support for Microsoft DirectX 11 API, a chip maker to waste no time in promoting the functions are integrated into its latest graphics processors.

"DirectX 11, a large set of features in Windows 7, developers can optimize the use of graphics processors in many of today's computers, said Mike Ybarra, Director of Windows Product Management at Microsoft Corp." especially Compute Direct Technology allows for faster performance between the different scenarios that previously took a long time when only using the CPU. CyberLink's support for DirectSound Compute their latest applications results in improved performance in all these scenarios - something that our joint customers have asked."

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