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The geolocation feature is now live for third-party Twitter developers

Written by IT News on 9:41 PM

The geolocation feature is now live for third-party Twitter developers
Twitter is touting the upcoming geolocation feature for a while now. Announced more than a month ago, the tools for living, at least for developers, somewhere last week, but some issues pushed him back a few days. It seems now live, even though Twitter is not doing any actual announcement, with the function displayed in an iPhone Twitter app.

TechCrunch first noticed that the location markers shown in Tweetie 2 began, one prospective Twitter client app for the iPhone that have not been released publicly yet. App took over the new possibilities geolocation Twitter worked, but the code is in the service to go live with no real way to test. The fact that all the tweets now had a place in connection with them meant that geolocation worked on Twitter. The micro-blogging site has since confirmed that the functionality is now available for external developers who use the Twitter API.

There was a small problem, however, most tweets seem to come from the middle of the ocean from the southern coast of Ghana in the Atlantic. In fact, the place was exactly 0 degrees latitude 0 degrees longitude, and so there was clearly some kind of glitch. It seems that the API documentation was uneven, the tweets that had no location data to process, so it seems they just default to 0, 0.

The Geolocation feature was first announced in August and tweets State to their own location information, which has many potential applications. Third-party developers will be the first to use geolocation, but eventually it will be too Twitter is very concerned about the privacy implications and great attention to these issues with the users full control over what they broadcast. It was the start of last week, but it was not quite finished and it seems to live. Twitter can do some form of communication to a certain point.

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