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Netbook shipments increase, but notebook market revenue drops

Written by IT News on 8:59 PM

Netbooks and netbook market has managed to win the interest of a large number of computer users and PC manufacturers, as these small, ultra-portable devices can provide basic computer skills that most users need a laptop. Although the value of the netbook market has grown substantially, both from quarter to quarter and compared to the same period a year reduction in revenue for the larger laptops, with the exception of the portable category, according to a recent report from DisplaySearch.

"Mini-notes are an important contribution to volume growth in the portable PC market and its very attractive price points make owning a viable secondary computer for many consumers. However, lower ASP of these entities with a significant negative impact on the portable PC market revenue, said John F. Jacobs, Director of Notebook Market Research. "For 2009 we expect further erosion in ASP all portable categories, which led to the first Y / Y drop in revenue laptop."

The average street price (ASP) for mini-notes fell almost 30% year on year, according to the report mentioned above, compared with a decrease of 10% for portable computers. Despite the decrease in ASP, Mini-Note category achieved a significant increase in sales thanks to an impressive 360% year on year unit growth. Mini-notes or netbooks, are a class of portable computer systems which are generally cheaper than traditional laptops, making them attractive to a wider clientele.

According to DisplaySearch, the total value of the notebook PC market in Q2 USD 26.4 billion U.S. dollars, up 10% from quarter to quarter, but down 5% Y / Y, market research firm predicts that this trend is expected to remain at 2010, with a mini-notes are expected to generate 21.5 percent of the transport volume, but 10.9% of total revenues for the portable computer market in 2010.

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