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Lenovo and Acer rumored to be rolling out new, Tegra-powered devices

Written by IT News on 4:24 AM

Lenovo and Acer rumored to be rolling out new, Tegra-powered devices

NVIDIA actively promote its Tegra chip for a while now, but despite the efforts of the chip maker, Tegra-powered devices have, thus far, is hard to find. But according to a recent rumor that has appeared on the Internet, would chip maker has landed a few major design wins from two of the largest PC vendors in the world, namely Acer and Lenovo. Both companies are known to have worked together with NVIDIA on a number of its newest computer, Aspire Revo and IdeaPad S12, respectively.

According to a recent report on, suggesting a "reliable" source, both Lenovo and Acer recently planning to launch new netbooks that would be based on Nvidia's Tegra platform. Better yet, it seems that these products can be used with the much-hyped Google Chrome is already active in the Mon Unfortunately, there are no specific details on the specifications for such devices, other than the above processing platform and operating system.

It is still too early to say if rumors are to be trusted, but if so, a significant change for NVIDIA, which has sought to expand its product portfolio for the traditional market for high-performance graphics cards. Tegra is a platform as a low-power ARM processor combined with an NVIDIA graphics chip, allowing PC vendors to HD, video-ready, low power to evolve. What is interesting is the rumor of Google Chrome the operating system, which is not expected to be in the units until sometime next year, according to Mountain View, California-based search giant.

It will be interesting to see whether the two PC makers actually said the expansion of Tegra devices, in which case ATI will make a new market segment that is likely to compete in the netbook segment and the wide range of Wintel netbooks.

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