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Intel is planning new Core i7 930 processor, to replace Core i7 920

Written by IT News on 8:47 AM

Intel power in high-performance market is far from being endangered, but in Santa Clara, California-based manufacturer has to do with AMD in the mainstream and entry-segment market. This is probably one of the main reasons why the world's leading chip maker disclosed plans to update its line of Core i7 processors, with the introduction of a new model specifically designed for the company to replace the current Core i7 920th Said to be in the first quarter of 2010, the new
processor, a slot-in replacement for Core i7 920th

According to our neighbors to Driver Heaven, is the new Intel processor is copied surprising Core i7 930 and the launch is planned for next year, in the first quarter. Some of the technical specifications are currently available, namely that the new processor will be designed as a quad-core processor with an eight-wire design. Built to be compatible with existing LGA 1366-based motherboards, the new processor will be factory overclocked to 2.88GHz, a small boost over the current activities of the Core i7 920 model, which is running at a stock frequency of 2.66GHz.

We are still out whether the new processor with Intel's 45nm manufacturing process maturity will determine whether the company will employ its next-generation 32nm process technology. The difference between the manufacturing processes may result in cooler operation, high-performance processor that can be combined with high-end Intel X58 chipset.

Price-wise, the updated Core i7 930-model is expected to be available for the same price point as the current 920 model, which makes it a noteworthy option for anyone who builds a X58-based PC. Unfortunately there is no word on when Intel will phase out the current 920 model, but if you desperately need to build a new Intel-based high-end machine, you probably keep your hardware purchases to 930 are available.

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