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Dell preps Adamo XPS for October 22

Written by IT News on 3:14 AM

Round Rock, Texas-based Dell, one of the best PC suppliers in the world are preparing to launch its new laptop Adamo, reportedly the world's thinnest notebook systems, only 0.39 inches at the thinnest point proudly. The laptop, which is announced for a while now, due on October 22, days Microsoft expected to start the long awaited Windows 7 operating system.

Dell XPS Adamo joke since the beginning of September, is an update to the new line by Adamo of laptops, which debuted earlier this year. So far the company has been very secretive about the exact specifications of the new machine, but it is expected that a complete list of specifications, prices and availability on October 22, which is three days from now to communicate.

But according to some leaked information that has appeared on the Internet, the laptop has a thickness of only 0.39 cm, and it costs about U.S. $ 2,000. In addition, one of the most interesting things we found out the next Adamo laptop from a recent news article in Business Week, where the system is said to boast a heat-sensing bands. Apparently, the feature works as a mechanism leading to the opening of the Dell machine, so users aluminum lid on the laptop to open by sweeping a finger at the white hot links.

U.S. $ 2000 in one unit, Dell XPS Adamo preparing high-volume product, but one that will boast a number of unique computers in the world system. In principle, the company continued to manufacture products for the mainstream market, but its portfolio includes a number of special products, such as Adamo, who will focus on more advanced users looking for something to distinguish them from the pack.

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