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Dell's new Vostro 430 mini desktop packs Lynnfield processors

Written by IT News on 3:25 AM

As you probably discovered, has recently updated the Intel processor platform with the introduction of the highly anticipated P55 platform, with the new LGA1156 socket and chipset manufacturer compatible i5 Core and Core i7 processors. After the official debut of the new platform, some PC vendors rushed to announce its updated portfolios proud new processors and platform. Thus, the Round Rock, Texas-based Dell recently announced the debut of its new Vostro 430 Mini Tower desktop, designed for professional users as the latest CPUs, graphics cards and support for Microsoft's long awaited Windows 7 operating system.

"Over the past six months, Dell has underlined its support for small and medium enterprises through the launch of Vostro laptops and desktops that offer features, services, reliability and methods for their specific needs," said Sam Burd Global Vice President, Dell Small and Medium companies. "The Vostro 430 is a good example of how we provide small and medium-sized businesses with a compelling reason to renew its technology, with a desktop computer that meets their needs today and leave enough room for growth."

Boasting support for Intel's Core i5 Core i7 processors and is compatible with the P55 platform, the new Vostro 430 Mini Tower desktop computer designed to support up to 16GB of DDR3 memory to 2 TB of internal storage, with two hard drive bays available. As graphics, new business-oriented desktop is designed to address some of the latest cards from both NVIDIA and ATI, user support will be provided with a range of choices in this segment.

Beginning with a price tag of U.S. $ 699, which will provide a Core i5-750-powered configuration, the new Vostro 430 Mini Tower Desktop PC now available for ordering directly from the website of the company. As you might imagine, is a free upgrade to Windows 7 are available for purchase.

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