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Firefox 4.0 is the variation of the Mozilla browser is expected on the market

Written by IT News on 3:53 AM

Firefox 4.0 is the variation of the Mozilla browser is expected on the market at times in the second half of next year, but offers users a number of visual changes that will begin as soon as Firefox 3.7 is suppressed appears. We already had an insight into the 3.7-version of Firefox can look like, and the visual improvements that can lead to Windows computers, and we must also consider how to proceed with 4.0 improvements.

According to Mozilla Wiki, the user interface of Firefox 4.0 is mainly expected to provide improvements to the changes that come with 3.7, and a number of important additions and changes. Among these, we can envisage the possibility that the search bar Locationbar and aggregation, Stop / Refresh / Go to a button, one-on-Tab to become the top option could appear as App Tabs, Home tab functionality to be strengthened, the bookmarks bar and status bar hidden away.

Here is what Mozilla says when it comes to merging Locationbar and search bar: "It has been very AwesomeBar search function, even if it's just locally. The fields are converging function: to find things. Linking these and any Taskfox will search a single site with value. It will also reduce the complexity toolbar / clutter by merging functionality. "

Combine Stop / Refresh / Go on a single button is something that should be launched in Firefox 3.7. Although this step would lead to the disappearance of a button on the toolbar, it can be difficult if the road would be moved from the back / forward buttons. It seems that users will find the option Customize page for Stop, Go and upload buttons to add.

TAB-on-top option would eliminate the existence of the page's title in both the title bar and a tab. At the same time with more space for content display (something that they know about Google Chrome should already know). The presence of user requests the Web application Tabs could pin on the left side of the tab bar for easy access (and apps can be pinned on Windows 7 Taskbar).

Firefox 3.7 is said to come with a Home tab, which should extend the functionality of 4.0 see. "It becomes like a dashboard page. It may be over your bookmarks to: me statistics, history timeline, recently closed tabs change the style of the major local holidays, or higher, Mozilla said, adding that there should be something more than just a link to the homepage browser.

Other visual changes live on Firefox 4.0 include a hidden bookmarks bar, bookmarks widget to the top navigation bar to a new notification system off the notification bar, with message boards, continuing reports integrated into the side and Tools, User profile, and the disappearance of the status bar, that says a lot of space currently. All these changes are seen only suggested guidelines for now, must have an agreement that the face of Firefox is very attractive because it will be imported.

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