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KND K1850 sports Pine Trail platform

Written by IT News on 12:24 AM

If you keep an eye on the latest news in the industry for ultra-portable computer systems that netbooks, are you aware of the fact that Intel is ready to update their netbook platform with the long-awaited platform Pine Trail. Even if the platform is not expected to be available at retailers until sometime in Q1 2010, indicates that the first Pine Trail-driven systems in the area have recently market, in the form of an all-in-one nettop, Shanzai from manufacturers in China.

The KND K1850 seems to be the first all-in-one nettop Intel's upcoming Atom refresh boasts a 1.66 GHz dual-core Atom processor D510 within a 18.6-inch screen. The system is also packed with 2 GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive and a DVD drive, integrated WiFi, Ethernet, multiple USB ports and a multi-in-one memory card reader. Although the machine can not do it outside of Asia, it is interesting to note that some PC manufacturers have already done some of his designs Pine Trail.

As you may have read in previous articles, Pine Trail platform Pineview, Georgia made a new Intel processor with a separate I / O controller, called Tiger Point. In essence, the new platform reduces the three-chip design of the current netbook and nettop platform to an Intel-chip design, such as CPU, memory and graphics controller already has moved on a single chip processor.

Pine Trail Intel's architecture is designed for PC vendors to smaller and more energy-efficient development of netbooks, which also gives a performance improvement and possibly a smaller price tag, compared to traditional current Atom-based netbooks. News of KND system can only suggest that more such systems, with similar specifications will be made available shortly.

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