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ATI preps release of the Radeon HD 5750

Written by IT News on 4:08 AM

AMD finally announced the official debut of the new generation of Radeon graphics cards announced, users can begin to upgrade their computers with the latest solutions. The two high-end cards, Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5950, primarily intended for high-end segment, where users have much more to pump in extra pay

performance. Fortunately, planned for AMD unveiled a few new maps, including a low profile GeForce 5750, which just have a look on the Internet.

Based on the same GPU architecture that AMD's recently announced Radeon HD 58xx series, the new HD5750 graphics card will boast Juniper 40nm graphics processors and provides users with a performance comparable to their own card HD4850 AMD HD4770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250's. But this card will concentrate on the open market, so that users with an affordable alternative to high-end, Cypress-based Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850 GPUs.

There is not much information available at this time, but the guys over at was lucky to get their hands on a couple of pictures and some features. The card is under home, equipped with 1120 stream processing units. The clock frequency is estimated at 700MH of stream processors and 4600MHz for the 128-bit memory GGDR5.

What that means a card that can deliver up to 73.6GB / s bandwidth and 1.57 TFLOPS to calculate results. What is really interesting is that the upcoming Radeon HD 5750 will be priced between £ 110-120, making it a remarkable alternative to AMD's latest family of GPUs desktops. Unfortunately we have no information on the official debut of the price for that matter.

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