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Dane-Elec announces new line of USB 3.0 storage solutions

Written by IT News on 3:06 AM

Although the majority of the external storage devices today are equipped with the traditional USB 2.0 interface, a coming wave of new external storage solutions are expected to be equipped with next-generation USB 3.0 interface. Thus, the Dane-Elec today's debut of its new series So Super Speed USB 3.0 external hard drives, now available in the U.S. market was announced. New industry is a Solid State Drive (SSD), which is said to enable data transmission of up to 250MB / s, The Irvine, California-based company claims that the world's first USB 3.0 SSD.

"The long awaited USB 3.0 revolution is finally here, and Dane-Elec is pleased to be at the forefront," said Jon Christeson, marketing manager for Dane-Elec USA "The transfer rates of up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 devices will this powerful game changer products for consumers and small businesses who regularly work with large files such as video content. "

According to a press release containing the new USB 3.0 line storage solutions, several new products, ranging in capacity from 500GB to 2TB, while both 2.5-inch form factors and includes 3.5-inch models. These solutions are designed for both desktop and notebook computers to consumers with an option for the latest USB 3.0 interface. Moreover, according to Dane-Elec, so extreme Super-fast SSD product line is designed on Intel's 25 M-80 or 160 GB.

Dane-Elec has also announced that it will be compatible with USB 3.0 for compatibility with adapters for desktop and laptop computers with PCIe slots PCIX slots. As pricing goes, the 2.5-inch hard drives ranging from U.S. $ 179.99 and U.S. $ 199.99, while the 3.5-inch hard drives SoReady available for prices ranging from U.S. $ 149.99 U.S. $ 239.99.

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